GNL Strategy

How we run our business

Global Networks Limited is a multifaceted engineering services company with three key focus areas: Building and Civil Engineering, Powerlines (Overhead and Underground) and Substation construction and Waste management.

Our strategy

Our strategy seeks to build on our position as a reputable engineering services company with safety and environmental protection at the heart of our activities.

Our business model addresses the fundamentals that we must have in place to manage our risks and help us deliver our strategy. These include: Focusing on targeted projects selected on the criterion of value creation; Effective and efficient projects delivery; protecting our people and the environment, maintaining high quality standards and risk management.


Goal Zero focus

To achieve Goal Zero, we focus on the key areas which have the highest risks within our operations: Electrical Power installations and transport safety.

We set high safety standards across our business and we expect all of our employees and contractors to meet them. We also share and learn from the safety standards and experiences of others in our industry.

Our safety standards and requirements are explained clearly in our Quality, Health, Safety and environmental policy framework. These standards apply to all aspects of our activities, from designing through to decommissioning a site. They apply to our employees, our contractors and any joint ventures where we have operational accountability.

In pursuit of Goal Zero, we work relentlessly to strengthen our safety culture, focusing on caring for people and leadership commitment. A strong safety culture is complemented by a competent workforce. We ensure that people responsible for tasks with a significant safety hazards have the necessary training and skills.

Personal safety

Our teams often work in demanding roles and extreme conditions. They may have many different hazards to manage during construction work in remote locations, or the transport of people, materials and equipment. Whatever they do, they always ensure that they can operate safely before they start work.

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